Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) adds intelligence to traditional transport systems to make transport safer, more efficient, and greener. My ITS research relates mostly to the informal public transport, in Sub-Saharan Africa in general, and South Africa in particular.

Some of the work on these topics, can be found here:
Paper on basic reckless driving: link
Paper on basic reckless driving detection: link
Paper on occupancy detection in minibus taxis: link
Paper on ITS as vessel for novel ITS: link
Paper on ITS in Sub-Saharan Africa: link

Press release of the first phase of the long-distance tracking project: Media release – Taxi-drivers do speed along long distance routes research project

Press release of the second phase of the long-distance tracking project: Media release – Media release – Taxi drivers worst offenders


Interview with Kieno Kammies on Cape Talk 567AM:


This photo shows 10 long-distance taxis on a Friday night. I am tracking them using trackers, kindly provided and installed by Mix Telematics.