This website (all the pages) provide a summary of experience and research output I have been fortunate enough to live and generate — affectionately known as My Polished Turd. What I have achieved is due to a combination of Grace, collaboration with gifted colleagues and students, generous contributions from industry and parastatal institutions, good fortune, support and advice from seasoned academics and editors, and fear-driven hard work and sacrifice. I honestly cannot take credit for any good in this.

A short non-comprehensive list of people who have shaped me either personally or professionally or both, and without whom I would not have had the opportunity to experience any of this. I am eternally indebted. I am, because we are – #Ubuntu.

Abraham Louw
Adriaan Zeeman
Ammaarah Martinus
Andrew Cloete
Angus Perfect
Anita Nel
Arno Barnard
Arno Scholtz
Arnold Rix
Arnold Schoonwinkel
Arnold van Zyl
August Engelbrecht
Benjamin Sovacool
Carel Anthonissen
Carla Rooseboom
Catherine Lewis
Charlene Weimers
Chris Abraham
Chris Higgins
Cindy Stonestreet
Cobus Burger
Coenie Burger
Curthbert Chirenda
Daniel B. Jones
Daniel van Schalkwyk
Darren Croucher
Dave Smith (Eskom)
Dave Smith (RR)
David Hunter
David Reynecke
Derek Muller
Diana Kruger
Diana Kilpert
Doris Peters
Eddy van Doorslaer
Engela Duvenage
Eusebius Mckaiser
Fanie Grobler
Femi Wilfred
Frans Rossouw
Franta Pour
Gareth Moore
Gerrit Coetzee
Gert-Jan van Rooyen
Gina Ziervogel
Giovanni Chiarelli
Graham Tebby
Heinrich de Lange
Herrie Schalekamp
Herman Engelbrecht
Innocent Ndibatya
Jackie Rowan
Jan du Plessis
Japie Engelbrecht
Jason Samuels
Jay Bhagwan
Johan Booysen
Johan Giliomee
Johann Andersen
Johann de Swardt
Johannita Kruger
John Maytham
Jon Kornik
Jurie Erwee
Karin Wolff
Keith Palmer
Kieno Kammies
Kurt Coetzer
Kudzai Tenderere
Lafras Lamont
Leslie van Rooi
Lourens Visagie
Lydia Burger
Malcolm McCulloch
Marion Sinclair
Marion Edmunds
Marco Gagiano
Mark Apperley
Mark Harrison
Mark Zuidgeest
Marlé Louw
Martin Weiss
Martine Visser
Michael Ritchie
Mike Seed
Nelson Ebot Eno Akpa
Nerene Booysen
Nick Singh
Nico Naude
Nico Pretorius
Niki Steenkamp
Nina Wessels
Otty Strydom
Paul Vorster
Percy van der Gryp
Petrie Meyer
Petro Basson
Pieter van Vuuren
Pippa Hudson
PW van der Walt
Richard Young
Roger Sutherland
Ronelle Burger
Rulof Burger
Saartjie Grobbelaar
Sandy Lombard
Sherali Zeadally
Sias Mostert
Steven Jones
Stiaan Lamprecht
Sophie Malan
Suzanne Wessels
Theresa Buys
Terri Blaszkiewicz
Thinus Booysen snr
Thomas Jones
Tobi Louw
Tony Britten
Ving Tsua
Wendy Stone
Wendy van Rensburg
Willie Perold
Wikus van Niekerk
Yusuf Kaka