All my student feedback from 2009 is available here:

A word cloud of my student feedback since 2009 is shown below. The university’s feedback form asks “Aspects of the lecturer’s teaching that should be maintained” and “What were the best aspects of this module or module section?”


Below is a table summarising the modules I have taught.

Year Module Students Student feedback
2022 Analogue design E344 ± 110 third years


2021 Analogue design E344 ± 120 third years


2021 Computer Systems 214 ± 253 second years


2020 Analogue design E344 ± 130 third years


2019 Analogue design E344 ± 130 third years


2019 COMPX203 (Waikato University) ± 140 second years


2017 Computer programming 143 ± 250 first years

Not used

2016 Computer programming 143 ± 280 first years


2015 Computer programming 143 ± 250 first years


2014 Computer systems 214 ± 190 second and third years


2013 Computer programming 143 ± 210 first years


2013 Computer systems 214 ± 190 second and third years


2012 Computer programming 143 ± 215 first years


2012 Computer systems 214 ± 180 second and third years


2011 Computer systems 214 (Eng) ± 70 second and third years


2011 Computer systems 214 (Afr) ± 100 second and third years


2010 Computer programming 143 ± 150 first years


2010 Computer systems 214 (Afr) ± 100 second and third years


2010 Computer systems 214 (Eng) ± 50 second and third years


2009 Computer programming 143 ± 150 first years

Post-graduate Supervision


Year Student: Topic
2022/23 R van der Walt: Schools and 4IR
2022/23 D Roux: Robotics and smart mining
2022/23 K Hull: Smart greenhouses
2022/23 KG Mbatha: Facial recognition
2022/23 JH Giliomee: Electrifying minibus taxis while saving the grid
2022 L Fuessl: Using solar and wind power with stationary battery storage for electric minibus taxis
2021/22 K Tenderere: Minibus taxi payment automation
2021/22 K Motlola: Minibus taxi payment automation
2021/22 A Muthua: Facial recognition
2021/22 PD van Schalkwyk: Modelling of tanked water heaters
2021/22 J Avenant: Modelling of household energy in South Africa
2020/21 F. Snyders: Intelligent diaper
2020/21 C Abraham: Informal transport meets EVs and renewables
2019/20 K Buresh: Renewable sources and electric vehicles
2018/19 J Ingles: Mobile phone-based water quality meter
2018/19 S Gerber: Smart water heater scheduling with TOU pricing at schools
2018/19 D Robinson: NBIoT and Dash7 evaluation for wearables
2017/18 C Ripunda: Behavioural change in water consumption at schools
2017/18 TG Durand: Comparison of Low power wireless networks
2017/18 MC Rademeyer: Large-scale crowd-sourced number plate recognition
2016/17 M Roux: Big data analysis and pattern extraction for water and electricity consumption.
2016/17 NO Pirow: Non-invasive water meter solution
2016/17 NH Naude: Hardware and solftware solution for smart geyser solution
2016/17 MC Swanepoel: Bicycle sharing system for developing countries
2015/16 JJ Erwee: Water leakage detection for municipal pipes
2015/16 RI Muller: Green buildings – water and energy metering for new buildings
2015/16 HF van der Merwe: Pedestrian detection for SANRAL
2015/16 AH Cloete: M2M Communications for the intelligent geyser with control optimsation
2015/16 FJ Bruwer: Driver behaviour with mobile phone-based sensing
2015 JWK Brown: Hardware for the intelligent geyser with impact assessment
2014/15 S Nienaber: Detection and reporting of potholes in real-time
2014/15 PJC Nel: A mobile phone and cloud-based approach to utility metering (cum laude)
2014/15 DR Fourie: Heart condition monitor with real-time analysis
2014/15 NA ebot eno Akpa: Driving behaviour in the minibus taxi industry (cum laude)
2013/14 JC Engelbrecht: Detection of driving style using mobile phone sensing
2013/14 GR Sawyer: Home automation through M2M communications
2012/13 AS Zeeman: Real-time monitoring of Taxi driver behaviour and passenger occupancy.
2010/11 LS Mojela: Use of WiMAX and Wi-Fi in a VANET to provide in-vehicle connectivity and media distribution

Doctoral (PhD)

Year Student: Topic
2022 M Nkosi: Sliced mobile networks.
2022 T Michael-Ahile: Digitial twins for schools.
2021 TG Durand: Mesh Lora networks.
2021 J Coetzee: Minibus taxis.
2020 P. Mabina: Intelligent control of delay-tolerant loads with renewable sources.
2019-2021 J. Samuels: Energy in schools.
2020-2021 M.J. Ritchie: Optimal water heater control.
2015-2020 I. Ndibatya: Optimising travel for multimodal transport in Africa.